Rule The Roads On A Specialized!

Specialized road bicycles are ridden by the best!

What are your cycling goals this year? From joining the local group rides, to racking up a few centuries, to flat-out racing, choose from our full fleet of amazing Specialized road bicycles and get ready for even more pavement-pounding fun. Come check out these lightweight thoroughbreds in person and find out what a Specialized roadster can do for you!

These 2014 Specialized Bikes Are In Stock Now!

Bring Your Bicycle Repairs To Us!

We'll get your bicycle running smoothly!
We specialize in expert bicycle repair. Whether it's an old dust-covered rig you want to get overhauled for riding to work, your custom machine that needs a basic tune-up for that big ride, or just about anything else, simply bring your machine by and we'll get it running right again!