Bike Packaging

One service we have year round inquiries about is packing a bike for travel.  With customers heading all over the world to ride their bikes these days we are always busy packing, boxing and unpackaging bikes for customers.  This is a service we love to have our qualified staff do a professional job of so that your bike arrives safely.

Packing and boxing a bike at The Bike Shop

  • The Bike Shop's staff will partially disassemble your bike to fit securely inside a recycled bike box.
  • Then we will package your bike properly inside this bike box for airplane travel or other shipping method.
  • The Bike Shop's labour rate to disassemble, pack, and box a bike is $60 (includes used bicycle box, protective foam, frame inserts where necessary). 

Please note that The Bike Shop does NOT provide bike-shipping services from our stores.
  You will need to make arrangements directly with FedEx, Purolator, or another carrier to ship a bike yourself.

For more information on The Bike Shop's bike-boxing and/or to book an appointment to have your bike boxed, contact us.

Do it yourself

For instructions on how to box a bike yourself for travel, refer to these articles on our website:

Bike Travel Cases — Available to Rent

Thule Round Trip Sport Travel Case

  • Hard case to pack your bike for airplane travel or UPS shipping.  Fits both road and mountain bikes (DH bikes with 157 rear ends may be difficult to fit).  Holds one bicycle.
  • Rental fees:  $10 for one day, $10 each additional day.
  • If you travel frequently with your bike, note that this travel case (and several other models) are also available for sale (new) at The Bike Shop and

Visit The Bike Shop's Appointment Calendar to book your rental then click on the "Travel Cases" tab.

  • For appointment times please select the first available time slot in the day to ensure we have the bike box ready for you when you arrive.
  • At the bottom of the appointment there is a Notes section.  Please use this area to provide the following information:  The duration of time you will need the box rental for (2 days, 1 week, 2 weeks, etc), if you would like your bike professionally boxed, if you would like your bike professionally re-assembled after you return the box (with or without a tune).