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Repair Service

The modern bicycle is a wonder of materials, design and engineering and though they have become more and more reliable, bikes require regular service to remain in top running order.

There are several elements which go into making up an exceptional bike service department: skilled, experienced mechanics; a full and well-stocked supply of parts; a complete and high-quality selection of shop tools; and honest, responsive customer service.

The Bike Shop constantly invests in staff, stock and equipment so that we can fulfill our commitment to having the best-equipped and best trained Service Department in Calgary. Whether you bring your bike in for a specific repair, full tune-up, suspension service or a major overhaul, you can be confident that our service team will do the work right and will have your bike back to you quickly.

Picking the right service for your bike can be tough so we have put together a list of our tune up packages and the services offered in each for your review.  These tune up packages offer comprehensive services for your bike at amazing value.  Please note that pricing is for labour and does not include shop supplies, replacement parts or GST.

For a list of individual services, including suspension and hydraulic services, please visit our A La Carte services page.

If you would like to book an appointment for service you can do so several ways - by phone, by email or by use of our online Appointment Calendar where you can book your appointment yourself.  Because of the complexity of newer bicycles we book all appointments as 2 hour time slots.  This does not mean you are committed to a 2 hour tune up!  We will modify your time slot based on a thorough assessment of what your bike needs at the time you drop it off. 

We ask that all bikes booked with an appointment; whether that be by phone, email or the appointment scheduler are dropped off as early as possible during the business day.  Bikes will be ready within 24 hours of the drop off time *Please not this timeframe is dependent on the availability of any specialty parts needed for your bike repair*  If you need an appointment reminder let our staff know and they will be happy to set you up with email or text appointment reminders.

When you come in to drop off your bike for it's service please bear in mind that it can take some time to thoroughly assess your bike's needs and as our staff perform this task they will help you to understand what they are noting as well as the significance of any issues found.  This process will take 15-30 minutes as we go over each system of your bike to check and/or test for function and wear.

Please note that our appointment systems are intended for your convenience and to allow us to plan our days in the most hectic of times during our season.  This is critical in allowing our team to work effectively and serve as many of our customers as possible every day. 

We always welcome, and encourage, our customers to come in to the shop and speak to our amazing Main Floor Service Technicians to get a thorough assessment of your bike's needs.  Some jobs can be done on the spot as you wait but this may not always be the case and we can also help find a time that works for you and your busy schedule to have your bike repaired or tuned up.