Our Service and Selection

Thinking of buying a new bicycle? It can be a very challenging and even overwhelming experience. We know all about it. Every year the bike shop team travels to the major North American trade shows to do some of the shopping for you.

We are committed to bringing the best products and value to our store. With thousands of different bikes available in the market narrowing down the choice is a very difficult task, even for seasoned bike veterans.

There is a lot more to choosing the right bike than simply who has the best rear derailleur or drive train. A bicycle is greater than the sum of its parts. We carefully consider everything a bike has to offer from frame and fork, component kit, manufacture’s reputation and warranty performance...and most importantly the quality of the ride.

The Bike Shop believes in offering only the very best products that are available.

Our store staff of over 30 come from all parts of the bicycle industry spectrum.  Commuting, downhill, cross country, triathalon, road, bmx.  Every area of cycling that you can think of is represented in our store. The one thing that all Bike Bhop staff members have in common is a passion for cycling. Whether you are a hardcore purest or a first time rider our staff have the experience to help you make the right choices.

If you'd like to know how we differentiate ourselves here are the top five reasons The Bike Shop is the best place to shop:

1.  We have the right bike for you!

  • With over 1000 bikes in stock we offer a wide selection of bicycles for different people and uses and we provide expert assistance in selecting the proper bike type and model. A road bike makes little sense if your plan is to tackle dirt trails; likewise, if you're into cruising you certainly don't need a racing rig.

  • You need the bike type that's right for you and our experienced staff will listen to you and help you choose the right bike for your needs.

2.  Comfort and safety are built into every bike we sell:

  • Bicycles come in different sizes and they're very adjustable. We start by finding the right frame size for you and then dial in the fit by positioning the seat, handlebars, brake levers and shifters as required. This ensures optimum ride comfort and that you're in complete control of your bike from a safety perspective.

  • There are many variables, too: If you need a softer saddle, we'll put one on. If you prefer to sit more upright we can accommodate you.

  • Our goal is to make your new bike as comfortable to ride and as easy to pedal as possible.

  • We have years of experience in fitting bikes to riders and we'll get yours fitting so good it disappears beneath you.

3.  All our new bikes are assembled by professional bicycle mechanics:

  • You might be surprised to learn that bicycles are not completely assembled at the factory. It's true. They're actually delivered to us disassembled and in a box, and we spend about an hour (depending on the model) assembling, tuning and testing every bike (at no additional charge to you).

  • We pride ourselves in meeting the highest standards of performance and safety in every bike we build.

  • What's more, our technicians and service department are always prepared to make adjustments and provide advice should you need assistance during a purchase or after a sale.

4.  Our experienced staff is happy to offer all the free cycling advice you need:

  • We're staffed by knowledgeable and enthusiastic cyclists who love to share their expertise.

  • Need to learn how to shift, fix a flat, carry gear or pump your tires?

  • Want to find the best places to ride or friends to pedal with?

  • Just ask, and we'll be more than happy to help.

5.  We carry all the best accessories to go with your new bike:

  • Cycling is most fun when you have the right gear to go along with that new bike.

  • Our store is loaded with top-quality accessories and equipment such as helmets, locks, pumps, hydration systems, computers, pannier racks, pannier bags, fenders, trainers and plenty of other goodies designed to help you enjoy your new bike.

  • Plus we're happy to advise which choices that will be right for you and your bike.